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Pilot Project: Growing and selling of Produce ( June 2021 - February 2022)

The initial phase will see the team polishing the approach to developing the methodology for encouraging the development of a healthy mariculture ecosystem for the seaweed and oysters to grow at an accelerated rate. 

Seaweed can be made into other direct commodities  in the following spaces: 

  • Food for people
  • Feed for animals – like goats, cows, pigs
  • Fibre for the creation of new types of materials 
  • Fertilizer for crops
  • Biofuels to replace fossil fuels

Future Plans

Ocean Farm Network (Starting March 2022 - )

To match the high demands of the mariculture industry a network of ocean farmers will be created. We will act as middlemen by buying produce from fisherfolk groups coordinated by ocean conservation sanctuaries [who we partner with]. Groups to manage groups of fisherfolk communities to collect seaweed and oyster stocks for us to sell to the international market. In exchange, ocean farmers will receive compensation in the form of cash and carbon credit tokens.

Carbon Credits - Using Seaweed & Oysters to Capture Carbon Dioxide from the Atmosphere(Starting July 2022 - )

Kee Farms’ activities will contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Kee Farms solely participates in the biological carbon capture methods to ensure the permanence of carbon. As such, when we cultivate, harvest, and collect seaweed and oysters, we help reduce the global greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere. As our operations scale, we will be able to capture more carbon overtime.

Interested in purchasing future carbon credits from Kee Farms? Reach out to us info@keefarms.com with subject line “Future Carbon Credits”

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