Kee Farms is a regenerative ocean farm that invests in crops and sea stock such as seaweed and mollusks. We aim to tackle climate change by exploring the Blue-Green economy.

We’re creating a network of ocean farmers by showcasing to the local fisherfolk how carbon sequestration can be profitable while aiding Climate Action. We want to restore and regenerate the oceanic ecosystems and we believe multitrophic mariculture practices can achieve this.


"Among Caribbean territories, Jamaica is probably up there with Haiti in terms of depletion of our fisheries and its deteriorating fish lives. We are among the worst in the Caribbean."

— Brandon Hay, Caribbean Coastal Area Management Foundation

"Jamaican fisherfolks are artisanal fishers.  Jamaica’s reefs are being impacted by climate change manifested through ocean acidification, rising sea levels, and fish migrating to cooler and deeper waters. In recent times they are catching less fish, smaller fish and poor quality fish we call “trash” fish.

Fisherfolks with their niche skill sets need a reliable, profitable and environmentally sustainable way to generate income. "

— Geasean Johnson,  Chief Scientist Kee farms

We are providing environmentally sustainable business solutions for coastal communities. That could potentially over time reduce overfishing, illegal fishing and restore nearshore reef heath.

Co2 Sequestration
Job creation
Ocean Regeneration

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